The company gives the tremendous importance to the quality control because we believe that the quality is the thing that the customers give us the trust that we have to keep it with us at all times. SO, since before the commencement of the production, during the production until before the delivery to the customers of the raw materials, products in the production line and the process goods, the thoroughly inspection has been made by our experienced employees who perform the inspection and control

Further, to give our customers the assurance of the quality, the modern machinery has been introduced to give our customers the confidence such as the computer color matching.


Responsibility Quality inspection online /final checking Quality inspection items:

1. Color
2. Contamination
3. Pellets size
4. Flow ability
5. Impact strength
6. Molecular weight
7. Tensile strength
8. Flexural strength
9. Hardness
10. Deflection temperature under load
11. Specific gravity
12. Water content




1. Melt Flow Indexer
2. Density
3. Impact ( Charpy,Izod ) tester
5. Rockwell Hardness tester 6. Universal Testing Machine
7. Viscometer
8. Injection Machine
9. Press Machine
10. CCM
11. Sieve Shaker
12. Microscope
13. GPC
14. Other – Ultrasonic – Centrifuge