Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

     Our major purpose is the Sustainable Development of plastic compounding Industry in Thailand including the Government 's Policy support; which aim to be the Leader of Asia in Chemical-Plastics Industry, Automotives Industry, and Electronics Industry.
     The Sustainable Development shall include the Community and Environment Development. Therefore, it is a mission of MEP Hexa ( Thailand ) Ltd. to promote Social Responsibility activities that focus on Community and Environment Development.
     Finally, we believe that the Sustainable Development is the combination of Business and Community Development.

    MHTL provides supports and helps society by having employees
participating in doing activities so as to develop and improve
community to be more pleasant because we believe that both
the community and the company have to grow and develop
    Besides coloring Plastic Resin to support industries in Thailand
without causing negative impact to the environment, we also
organize the Green Activities which aim to build consciousness
to employees to maintain and improve the environment in this
company, this community, and this world by doing the Green
Activities together.